Welcome to my blog.  After 35 years working in the Vermont public school system, my wife Sharon and I are headed into a new chapter of our lives.  The American Community School at Beirut, Lebanon will be our new school, and I hope to chronicle our adventures in Lebanon and The Middle East during our tenure here.  While I do not fancy myself a writer, I look forward to sharing stories, through text and pictures, of our time here.


4 Responses to About

  1. Diana Mazzuchi says:

    So glad to hear you made it safely and are enjoying your stay – sounds beautiful. We start in 4 more days and I’m enjoying the last of my vacation.

  2. Tracey John says:

    Hi Mike – We are finally getting to reading some of your blog – it’s fascinating. Being Lebanese I feel somewhat connected to my “roots” from seeing your photos and reading your stories. Kathryn wanted me to tell you that she’s playing the alto sax this year – in fact, she’s playing the sax that was bought in your honor! She’s very proud and seems to have some talent.
    We’ll look forward to reading more and listening to your Arabic lessons ( I only know food and swears! – ha ha).

    Be well –

    Tracey and Kathryn

  3. Delia says:


    I just wanted to tell you that I find your blog fascinating. My husband is Lebanese and I’ve travelled a lot around Lebanon but it’s wonderful to read your views on the country in general and Beirut in particular. I will be spending the following nights reading your archive.


  4. clement says:


    Your blog is quite good. Am glad to read your review of your tour in Kenya, Karibu tena (Welcome again). Hopefully when I will visit Lebanon I will passby and say hi.


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