The Bodrum Coast, Turkey

Overlooking the town of Bodrum, Turkey

Our last Beirut based travel adventure.  This vacation was about relaxing, and a bit of sight seeing as we needed to wind down from the work year before heading home.

We happened to arrive in Bodrum, Turkey, located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, during a terrible heatwave.  We walked into town but made our way back to our hotel after suffering through 104 degree heat.  The pool, shade covered lounges and AC in our room helped us refresh before enjoying a dinner of fresh fish back in town.

From our hotel balcony in Bodrum

After a leisurely morning  poolside we loaded up our rental car with our luggage and headed north to Ephesus, home of some of the best classical ruins in all of Europe and Eastern Asia.  The coastal road was gorgeous, and a light lunch (fresh fish of course) in the coastal town of Kusadasi was just the pause we needed before heading to Selcuk and Ephesus.  Our adorable boutique hotel  (Hotel Ninya) was located in a residential section of town with real character, including a 14thcentury library two doors away.  We got an after hours tour of the remains of St. John’s Basilica by a guide who took us through a hole in the fence for $20.  Dinner was Ottoman style on a rooftop overlooking the basilica.

Dinner on the hotel rooftop in Selcuk. An yes, those are real storks behind us.

Ephesus was impressive.  This area was the center of Roman culture in the Western Aegean for centuries before and after the birth of Christ, and grew to over 250,000.  The library, amphitheater, and mosaics in the terraced houses were beautifully restored.

The library in Ephesus

We found our way to the out of the way  and very Turkish village of Herakleia on the way back to Bodrum where we enjoyed yet another fresh fish meal on the shores of a lake.

The amphitheater in Ephesus. St. Paul spoke here, trying to convince the locals to convert to Christianity. It didn’t go over big.

Our last days were spent touring the coastal towns ofTurgutreis and Gumusluk, and sitting on the beach.    The perfect way to spend the last days of our “adventia before dementia”.

Inside St. John’s Basicica, site of John the Apostle’s grave…. or so they say.


14th Century library in Selcuk

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