The Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza. The people in the foreground look a bit tiny in comparison.

The Pyramids.  Is there a more iconic image than that of the three Giza pyramids or the Sphynx in front of The Great Pyramid?  As with the blog on the animals we saw during our Kenyan safari, words can hardly begin to describe what it is like to be at the pyramids.  For that matter, it is also impossible for pictures to capture the breathtaking size of these structures, their age, the steepness of the sides, and the wonder one feels when there of what the building of these structures required.

Love those camel rides....especially ones only 20 minutes long.

The best thing we did on our trip to Cairo was to hire a driver.  By doing that we also hired a guide for the day.  Hesham was a wonderful guide who knows the history of the pyramids and his native country very well.  He began the tour in Memphis, the ancient capital of pharonic Egypt.  While there is not all that much to see there, it was a great first stop on our day’s travels.

A massive statue of Ramses II, believed to be pharoah during the time of Moses. He ruled for over half a century.

From Memphis we went to Saqqara, the site of The Step Pyramid.  The book we bought on the site says The Step Pyramid is the oldest stone structure on earth.  It was build around 2500 B.C.!  Amazing.   Using my telephoto lens I captured an image of the Bent Pyramid in the distance.  This pyramid was begun with sides that were too steep.  As the structure began to collapse the builders changed the angle of the sides, thus giving the pyramid its “bent” look.

The Step Pyramid

After leaving Saqqara and a rug store (no pressure to buy, but….) Hesham took us to lunch in a wonderful outdoor restaurant, hotel, entertainment complex where we enjoyed a mezze/grilled meal and a beer.

From there it was on to the Giza Pyramids.  Just incredible.  This where I will let the pictures do the talking.

P.S. Anyone making plans to travel to Cairo should consider hiring a guide (the driver comes with the guide).  And we highly recommend Hesham who can be reached at:

Mobile – 018 30 787 20

The Bent Pyramid from Saqqara

At The Step Pyramid with our guide, Hesham

Donna at The Sphynx

Taking a rest during a grueling day of sightseeing

A sense of the steepness and size of the pyramids

A rather old chair

Donna and Sharon in front of The Great Pyramid

The entrance to The Great Pyramid. We did not go in.

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5 Responses to The Pyramids

  1. David says:

    Incredible journey. It makes me want to dig into my old photos to find my pics of Giza.

  2. hesham says:

    awesome , i can’t describe
    how happy I’m

  3. hello , how are you
    come back to Egypt

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