Traveling Kenya

Sharon with the Great Rift Valley in the background

These final pictures from our Kenyan safari are a bit random.  We thought they would round out the posts by giving you a picture of places we stayed, what our travels were like, and some other views of Kenya.

This is our kind of tent!

The path from our tent to the lodge

We stayed in a comfortable tent camp our first three nights.  We enjoyed spacious lodging, including a fully functioning bathroom, good meals, and cold Tuskers at the end of a long day

on the Maasai Mara.  Packed lunches allowed us to stay on the day’s game drive each day of our safari.  While out room in Lake Nakuru left much to be desired, the park was a nice change from the Mara and the lodge provided its own great views.

The patio at our tented camp site

The roads in the lands inhabited by the Maasai are some of the worst roads we have ever traveled on.  The little bit of paved road is totally pot holed, and the dirt roads are full of craters, huge stones and many, many stream crossings without bridges.  We were fortunate to have our own van and great driver, Martin, who navigates these “roads” with the greatest of skill.

Coming out of a stream crossing....probably in the game preserve

The savannahs of southwestern Kenya provide stunning scenery.  It is a vast and beautiful part of the world.

A toast to Kenya, compliments of Andre and Alex from Germany. They stayed at the same lodge as us and we toured the Game Preserve with them one day.

Stuck in a streambed...

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2 Responses to Traveling Kenya

  1. howdy801 says:

    I can’t believe how full your vacation was. Such amazing experiences. What a driver you must have chosen. I can see why Sharon had a restless night. Glad you are taking advantage of being so close to Africa.

  2. David Friel says:

    Fantastic! The animal pictures are amazing. When you were with the Masaii did you see my Australian bush hat? A Masaii warrior, carrying a spear really liked mine and decided to make it his. Since he had the spear I determined discretion might be better that challenging him for my hat, back in 1979. I hope he is still wearing it in good health.

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