Scenes from the Corniche


The Corniche is one of the great spots in Beirut.  Fortunately we live a few blocks away and often walk it on our way to or from work.  Here are a few shots from our many walks along Beirut’s Corniche.

When the skies are clear the view of the Lebanon Mountain Range is stunning.

Street vendors of all types are common on the Corniche.  Always men.  Coffee is popular and various types of children’s toys are also common.

I walk to work along the Corniche on occasion, and this guy is always in the same spot, selling whole fresh fish.

We have yet to try this bread.  It seems to be popular with the Lebanese who eat it is as is.

Two popular activities on the Corniche: enjoying a nargila and kids riding bikes.

A common site, especially in the morning, is a group of older men, sitting around a table, smoking nargila, drinking coffee, maybe snacking and enjoying each other’s company.

Men can be seen swimming in the Mediterranean throughout the year.  During the warm months it is not uncommon for dozens to be swimming, particularly in the morning.

The AUB “Beach Club” during the off season is home to men playing paddle ball and soaking up the winter sun.

Looking west along the rocky shore of the Corniche.  The AUB “beach”….a cement slab….is located at the tower.

The Corniche is a popular place for people to exercise.  Runners, groups of men and women walking vigorously, roller bladers and bike riders are all common sites.

A day’s catch for one of the many fishermen along the Corniche.  This is by far the biggest catch I have ever seen.  More common are a few very tiny perch like fish or long snouted eel like fish.
The beautiful architecture of old Beirut is rapidly disappearing and being replaced by tall, concrete apartment buildings.

Scarved women enjoying a sunny late winter day on the Corniche.

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