We are sitting in Beirut watching Egypt experience freedom for the first time in 3o years. The peaceful way the people and the army went about toppling Mubarek is a momumental event that has the potential to bring about the most significant shift in the Middle East since the end of World War I.  The CNN commentator just asked,  “Which dictators in the region should be nervous right now?”   Real good question.

Tomorrow we head to Damascus, Syria for three nights.  What a time to go to a major Muslim, Middle Eastern country!  Too Cool!

FYI – One of the on the ground CNN commentators is Arwa Damon who is the daughter of the ACS Head of School, George Damon.  It has been nice to finally see her on TV after hearing her proud dad, George talk about her.

An amazing day, particularly after last night.  And then there is the whole impact of social media!  WOW!  Let’s hope everything stays on a positive trajectory.

En Shallah!  (God willing)

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2 Responses to WAY TO GO, EGYPT!

  1. Diana Mazzuchi says:

    We were concerned for your safety so was happy to hear you two were OK. I’ve been listening daily to NPR’s coverage of Egypt. I remember when Nassar came to power so this is exciting!!!

  2. Susanae Glovacki says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing experience in this way! I’ve really enjoyed exploring your blog for the first time, this Friday evening of the beginning of February vacation week. I’m loving the pictures, and especially the comments on “daily living,” the weather, the food, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the camel ride! More video, please! I fully agree with Andy Davis’ comment about the way you are “humanizing” a part of the world we mostly hear about in the context of seemingly unending conflict. The reality is that people go about their daily lives in all kinds of circumstances, with more joy and ease than we Americans would ever expect. You are on my mind as we watch the incredible uprising for democracy and human rights that is now sweeping the region. Be well and stay safe!

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