A Jordan Sampler

Shopping in Madaba. Don't worry, I didn't buy ALL this garb.

We just returned from a six day, five night trip to Jordan with Kristina and Rebecca. Kristina teaches 4th grade with Sharon and is also new to Beirut.  She and her daughter Rebecca, a senior at ACS this year, hail from Seattle.   We flew into the capital Amman, rented a car, and headed to the town of Madaba where we did some shopping and ate lunch.

Heading down Mt. Nebo to The Dead Sea. Starkly beautiful countryside.

From there we drove over Mt. Nebo, reputedly the place Moses died, on our way to the Dead Sea where we enjoyed  “a float”.  We then drove to the very Muslim town of Karak where we spent a memorable night.

The Crusader/Mamluk castle in Karak

Karak is the site of a large, well preserved Crusader castle which we toured the next morning .  After viewing the castle we drove to Wadi Rum where we enjoyed a two hour camel ride to a Bedouin camp for dinner and the night.

Enjoying "a float" in The Dead Sea. A very unique and weird experience.

The next morning was spent touring Wadi Rum via jeep with the help of our Bedouin guide.  After a light lunch we headed back north to Petra, the ancient Nabatean city carved into the sandstone cliffs, where we were dazzled by this amazing place for two days.  Rebecca and her mom headed back to Amman and home while Sharon and I drove to The Gulf of Aqaba for a very relaxing end to a whirlwind, amazing vacation.

The cowgirl on her favorite camel.

So here is a sampler to wet your whistle.  I will document each day in more detail with many more pictures in the days to come.

Wadi Rum. An AMAZING place! Lawrence of Arabia locale

In the "Siq", the entrance to Petra. This siq is about 1 km long.

The Monastery was our reward for climbing 800+ steps.

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One Response to A Jordan Sampler

  1. Mary Ann Bassignani says:

    Hi Mike & Sharon: Finally got a chance to view your blog…much internet access troubles. Fabulous vistas…Lawrence of A territory..how exciting is that! Have to view your movies on someone else’s machine as mine is 64 bit os and Flash Player not available at this point. Really enjoying your journey. I get bits of new from Cyn as I somehow don’t get your emails (mabass1171@yahoo.com). Did you not get my prior emails? Wondering as never seem to be included in your emails. How do you say “Merry Christmas”?????? Love, Anna

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